The MODI Method

Let’s Create Your Video Funnel

We begin with the end in mind – creating a video funnel that is channeling leads through your online platforms to the conversion pages of your website. Whether it’s revenue focused or recruiting focused this is the best tool for your online marketing strategy.

These distinct promotional videos are designed for use as creative advertisements and are guaranteed to be differentiators in your market. Let’s establish your brand as the go-to in your specific industry. We’ll make sure your clients are fully engaged, making them clients for life.

The goal of the Brand Message Video is to make the best first impression possible and educate everyone who visits your website or has any contact with your brand. This video shares your brand’s story, and allows potential customers to build an emotionally connection with your brand.

Testimonial videos are intended to provide real-life social proof that your brand is the go-to. These videos increase consumer confidence by increasing the credibility of a product or service. They are also proven statistically to be the highest converting pieces of content.

Distribution is Key

Promotional Videos

  • Used for paid and organic search ads
  • Used for social media campaigns
  • Featured in email marketing campaigns

Brand Message Videos

  • Highlighted on your website
  • Featured on your Facebook Page
  • Pinned as a video on LinkedIn

Testimonial Videos

  • Used to send targeted emails
  • Create SEO optimized YouTube videos
  • Featured on website conversion pages

Case Studies

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Start Your Video Strategy Journey Today

Let’s jump on a 15 minute phone call to go over what your vision is for your company. These Video Discovery Sessions will tell you everything you need to know about our video production services and how working with MODI can take you to the next level.