A Dedicated Video Production Team

We’re fanatical in our approach to video. We are constantly innovating and looking at the latest trends to always provide our best work for our client’s growth.

Who is MODI?

We are a video production company located just outside of Detroit. For us, we center our business around three core values. Firstly, we go above and beyond in providing value to our clients. Secondly, we choose to collaborate and focus on building relationships with other creatives to scale production or distribution to whatever size necessary. Lastly, we focus on always being better than we were the day before.

MODI Co-Founders

Behind Our Name

The term MODI is a word mesh between motivated and video. Used in a sentence – “Each piece of video content MODI produces is motivated by the goals of our clients.” At MODI, the purpose of creating and producing high-quality videos is to bring top results to our clients. We’re dedicated to delivering engaging content for the purpose of building up the brands we work with. Whether your video ideas are simple or complex—our strategists will bring them to life.

MODI logo

Our History

Conventional was never a part of our vocabulary from our founding in 2019 we aimed to change the way our industry implemented video. Our production company is proudly based out of Detroit Michigan, with a national reach and productions happening from coast to coast. Our team of dedicated video strategists are constantly creating fresh strategies with a multi-video mindset. We’re currently going into our fourth year as a newer business with strong industry connections and long-lasting relationships with some of the biggest brands out there while also collaborating with some of the best production companies around.

Modi History

We’re Video Strategists

At MODI, we consider ourselves to be video strategists. The last thing we want to do is create a video that sits on YouTube collecting digital dust or worse yet is never displayed or seen by your target market. We’re not about that life, we create a clear strategy for how this can impact and grow your business and set that in motion by starting with the end in mind. We target the pain points you have to push past the ceilings you’re hitting. There’s a saying in our industry — content is king and distribution is queen. Both are equally critical to a successful video strategy.

Our Core Values

MODI operates on three core value ideas: To provide value above and beyond. To constantly collaborate with fellow creatives. And to always be improving and innovating our processes. Our team strives to always be better than we were the day before. Our goal is to always research new and upcoming trends so we can constantly pivot for our clients’ needs. At MODI, we’re always building relations with other creatives to scale our productions to whatever size necessary.


Provide value above & beyond


Collaborate with creatives


Always improving, always innovating

Start Your Video Strategy Journey Today

Let’s jump on a 15 minute phone call to go over what your vision is for your company. These Video Discovery Sessions will tell you everything you need to know about our video production services and how working with MODI can take you to the next level.