Our Process

Our video strategists will put together a campaign that will allow your message to saturate your entire market. Our distribution marketing partners develop the strategies that lead to more views, which leads to more clicks and more customers. Our video production team works to create an engaging video experience that builds your brand and increases your visibility in Google searches.

Three Phases of Video Production

We combine our creativity with a results-oriented approach to produce a final video that can have a tangible impact on the pain points of our clients. This takes three crucial steps to complete. During each phase, we expertly take the biggest need our client has and we help solve that with video. Oftentimes it’s a matter of saving time or making more money. With our video strategy, we help do both.


We start each video strategy with your end goal in mind. This includes creating a clear message, accurate and proper scripting with our content writers, critical shot sheet development, a whole distribution strategy, tedious location scouting and time scheduling for all involved parties. The pre-production stage is crucial to ensuring a smooth video process.


Filming is always scaled to whatever the size a project requires. We ensure that all cinematography is of the highest quality and appropriate for what the location demands. We always have the production and directing team on set to make sure everything goes according to plan. It’s important that the whole team is present for collaboration to bring everything into view.


We engage our editing team in each facet of the post-production to ensure we’re covering every base. As a team, we’ll make sure your story is crafted for the highest visual impact possible. We have an easy-to-use and shareable platform that makes the revisions process a breeze. Our editing includes color correcting and grading, setting the mood with warmer or cooler tones, professional sound design to bring shots to life, and the proper pacing that is sure to keep viewers engaged.

Editing Magic - Andrew

Start Your Video Strategy Journey Today

Let’s jump on a 15 minute phone call to go over what your vision is for your company. These Video Discovery Sessions will tell you everything you need to know about our video production services and how working with MODI can take you to the next level.