The Association of Union Constructors

The Goal

This client had a challenge which was to have their first big event since COVID. They also wanted to see that the content that we created for them inspired people to get involved in for the following year. Due to the high quantity of content both before and at the conference, there was a challenge that we would not be able to cover much of the conference. The conference is packed, and a lot happens in the three days of the event. The client know that video is the best way to show no attendees what they missed. The clients KPIs would be measured in:

  1. How much footage we were able to grab of the event
  2. How many videos/deliverables we could create
  3. How well they performed

TAUC Interview Videography

The Solution

MODI was able to overcome the problem through efficient management of video content leading up to the event, and careful planning of the entire week. We broke our team up and assigned certain daily tasks and expectations for the week. In addition to this, we also had to make sure that we captured the shots in a way that highlighted what was valuable to the client.

The Results

The client came away not only with better-looking videos than in previous years, but the videos also matched the desired outcome of the client which was to show themselves as being the leading edge of the industry, rather than just another conference & expo. In the client’s own words “We were very happy with the products and services, so much so, that in 2022 we are going all in. The level of professionalism, turn-key process, and ultimately the end product, was some of the best that we’ve seen. We’ve used a lot of different video providers and MODI is the best.” We were also able to capture far more of the event than even the client had expected which was of value to them in that they could use the extra content for additional marketing needs.


of Footage


Targeted Videos





Behind the Scenes

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