Make Your Offering Irresistible With MODI’s Commercial Videography

Imagine you can tell the perfect story that makes your company’s offer irresistible.
A story that’s powerful, compelling, and memorable.
A story that stirs your audience to take action.

With MODI, you can do that and more.

MODI’s promotional videos are thoughtfully crafted to grab your market’s attention and not let go. 

What Is a Commercial Video?

Commercial videos combine captivating images and sound with compelling dialogue to tell a story that moves your audience to take action.

These videos pack an emotional punch by showing the product or service in a way that reaches both the mind and heart of the viewer in a very short period of time–typically 30 to 60 seconds.

As the story is told, there are also key messaging and branding elements that make the viewer identify with the company’s mission or values, further motivating them to choose their offering.

Why Your Business Needs Promotional Videos

Your audience are human beings, not robots. And we humans seek more than just a dry solution to our problems.

We like being inspired, having our soul stirred within us, and being reminded of what’s truly important in life. We actively look for experiences that make us feel these emotions. Oh, and we also hate waiting.

An effective promotional video accomplishes all of the above: touching our heart, piquing our curiosity, and making us feel like the product or service being presented as part of the answer or solution that we’re seeking.

It’s not surprising, then, that promotional videos have been proven to work. In fact, studies show that companies net an average 66% higher website conversion rate by using them.

What does this all mean for you? To put it simply: the effectiveness of promotional video shows that any business not using them is leaving money on the table.