PYP Ventures

The Goal

PYP approached our team seeking to amplify web traffic across their umbrella brands, Dog Proofer, Purrfect Fence, and Habitat Haven. Their primary objective? Leveraging video content to bolster lead generation via social media and drive increased sessions to their online stores.


PYP Behind the Scenes

The Solution

We tailored custom social content for PYP’s diverse brands: Dog Proofer, highlighting durability and pet-friendly features; Purrfect Fence, emphasizing safety for outdoor cat freedom; and Habitat Haven, showcasing versatile habitats for various animals.

Simultaneously, we revamped PYP’s website visuals, using engaging images and videos strategically placed to guide visitors smoothly through the sales funnel, resulting in increased conversions and sales across all brands.

The Results

Over 9 months, our content was hard at work. Being utilized in targeted ad campaigns on social platforms and repurposed for more organic content. Generating impressive results in views, new web traffic, and conversions.


Increase in Website Store Sessions


New Store Sessions Generated Through Videos on Facebook


New Website Sessions


Of views on Social Media Ads

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