Ford Accessories of Detroit

The Goal

Starting with a three-phase objective, Ford Accessories enlisted our services to address three objectives:

  1. Educate dealership sales teams on the importance of ensuring accessories are offered at the point of sale to every customer, every time.
  2. Educate customers on the wide array of accessories available for their vehicles and the fact that accessory purchases can be rolled into their financing if purchased at the point of sale.
  3. Streamline the onboarding and safety training process for their rapidly expanding team. Freeing their staff up to focus on higher ROI tasks.

Ford Bronco Video with Ronin Gimbal

The Solution

To address the first objective, we created a video strategy that focused solely on dealer education. This strategy showed sales teams how they could create a new profit center for their dealership by emphasizing the sale of accessories with each new car. To educate customers, our strategy was simple – create sharable content focused around vehicles that have high-traffic search volume online. These videos engage consumers in a viral manner and showcase the breadth of accessories available for their vehicles as well as the financing options available with the accessories for their new vehicle. Finally, we partnered with the HR and Safety teams to create a library of content that can be used to onboard employees, boost employee safety, and reduce downtime due to workplace accidents; all while saving time and money.

The Results

We generated a library of content that is being distributed to dealers across the country to further educate them on the importance of offering accessories to every customer, every time and further illustrate the benefit this model can have in their dealerships. Likewise, we created a library of online content showcasing the accessories offered for specific vehicles and dramatically increased social media traffic in the process. Setting the table for future video strategies to have a larger impact. Finally, our internal training library recaptured time for staff and created a more efficient, safety-conscious workplace with the click of a button.


Video Assets Generated Over 12 Months


Dealerships Receiving Training


Locations Trained on Internal Safety


Views on One Organic Video

Behind the Scenes

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