VIP Sessions

Brand Identity Videos

Our VIP promotional videos include an hour long branding session where we shoot your 60 second introduction video. During this session, we also take updated headshots and professional brand photos that will properly showcase who you are and what you have to offer.

Show Who You Are

The purpose of this session is to allow solo-entrepreneurs, sales reps, and small businesses the ability to rehumanize their brand. This includes putting a face to the name, and delivering an engaging message to your clients. This connection builds better relationships with your desired clientele.

Grow Your Audience

These VIP videos have a wider audience range and are primarily designed for social media platforms. The main goal of these video sessions is to reach new potential customers. Growing and connecting with your audience is key to becoming a dominant fixture in your field.

Video to Grow an Audience

Spread Your Message

We’ll advice on the placement of your video so it becomes the Featured Video on Facebook, the pinned Video on LinkedIn, included in all email signatures, an SEO optimized YouTube Video, etc. We’ll ensure that your message travels far and wide to reach as many new clients as possible.

Spread your Message Video

VIP Examples

VIP Sessions | Digital Desk

Photographer // Brand Message Video

VIP Session | Attorney

VIP Session | Interior Designer

Start Your Video Strategy Journey Today

Let’s jump on a 15 minute phone call to go over what your vision is for your company. These Video Discovery Sessions will tell you everything you need to know about our video production services and how working with MODI can take you to the next level.