CustoM Project SHOWROOM

-putting a face to the name-

The Original MI Lavender Festival Promo

We had the privilege of shooting Michigan's Annual

Lavender Festival to capture the beauty of lavender in season and experience the close community of the #MIlavendertribe.

Oakland Univerity Dorm Tour

This immense 290,000 sq ft facility turned out to be a real eye-catcher! The aerial footage, taken of this dorm, gives a fresh perspective of the quality architecture! 

Michigan Smile Design Shoot

You have one smile, make it count! At Michigan Smile Design, the number one priority is you and your family. They specialize in making your smile the best it can be!

Packard Proving Grounds Tour

Being able to capture the history of what is now a beautiful events venue was like seeing this car manufacturer as it was in its prime!

The Orchards Golf Course Shoot

This energetic, high-end golf course was a thing of beauty to be able to capture. Showcasing this course was a real treat for us, and gave a better picture of what golfers can expect on each hole.

Industrial ICR Shoot

This industrial space has a story to tell and a way to help! ICR specializes in repairing and refurbishing industrial robots. This video gives the steps of refurbishment and lots of cool shots of robots in action.

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