Promo Video Shot On An iPhone

During this time businesses need to show their efforts of helping their community get the resources they need safely. What better way to do so than to use video to get your point across, contact-free!

We recently completed a video for Elder Ford of Romeo concerning the current pandemic. Shooting this video with a drone and an iPhone 10, was cost-effective and still maintained their brand quality.

Always be sure to check the camera settings on your phone from Default to 4k at 60FPS. 4k at 60 FPS uses 400MB per minute of video, so be sure you have enough storage on your device before shooting. Having stable footage is just as important as the camera itself. We used the Osmo Mobile Gimble to stabilize our iPhone during this shoot along with a majority of our other shoots.

Have you ever watched an intense battle scene in a movie and listened to the climax of the intense music in the background taking hold of your emotions? Try replaying that scene on mute and feel that connection almost deflates to disappointment. Music brings emotion, that’s why it is so important to incorporate music into

your videos to invoke an emotional response. All of the music in our videos is pulled from our licensed music library. Scripting your video ahead of time is a huge time saver during the shoot and ensures a smoother process. For more information on scripting your video check out our blog "How to - SCRIPT out your video"

Sometimes a family member or friend would send me an informative interview on the times, and even though it contained a catchy headline, the first aspect I would look for was how long the video ran. Relatively if the content was over 5 minutes I would swipe left. This video in particular is 60 seconds on the dot, which is great for capturing your audience's attention without overwhelming them. 60 second videos are great for social media, and getting your point across without boring your audience in this world of short attention spans.

Thanks for reading! Have you found this blog informative? What kind of content would you like to read in the future regarding video? Comment below!

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