Our Top 3 Tips for Posting Videos to Social Media

1. Start with a good headline-

Your headline can make or break the engagement of your post. Inspire your viewers to be as excited as you are about your video with a catching headline!! Start with something to peak their interest before they even start watching!

2. Link your website in the description-

A big mistake businesses make is they may have a fantastic video to share with customers, and invite them to check out their website, but if their website isn’t linked with the video, it is much less likely that they’ll see what other wonderful things you have to offer. Don’t forget this important step!!

3. Don’t forget your #hashtags!-

Hashtags are a fantastic way to get your video in front of bigger audiences, especially hashtags that are relevant to your target market. They connect you to potential customers and even other companies, and in turn could land you with more viewers and followers! One thing to remember though is the amount of hashtags do matter in your posts. 1-3 hashtags per post per platform is plenty for most. Except for Instagram which allows up to 30 hashtags with 11 being the sweet spot.

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