Know your "Why"

In your business, there are 3 important things that you must decide- your “what”, your “how” and your “why”. Most businesses focus on the “what” (what we make, what we do, etc) or the “how” (how we do it, how it’s better than the competition) but most forget about the “why” (why is this so important, why should someone purchase my product or use my service). People who have heard of Simon Sinek have probably heard about his “Find your Why” methodology. “People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it!” Your why is your purpose, cause or belief that drives you. This is what captures people's attention and causes them to make emotional decisions rather than logical ones. Then why do so many business owners miss this important step? It could be that they don't know about having a business “why”, or that they actually don't have one, or they think it's not important enough. Having a why is huge for your business. If your currently planning your next MODI, take that message and incorporate the “why” that you are trying to portray. Be the guide to your audience and know that taking this extra step will help them and you in furthering your business.

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