How to - SCRIPT out your videos!

Scripting is one of those things you might only think applies to major motion picture films but the fact is scripting is simply the messaging to your story, and we all have a story to tell!

As a business owner or sales rep it's important to script out your videos, and this can be done quickly and effectively using the Story Brand Concept as our guide.

Let's take Star Wars as an example, in Star Wars who is the hero of the story? I think most of us would agree that it's, Luke Skywalker. You're always rooting for him to succeed and beat the bad the hero he comes with struggles that his character must overcome throughout the story, and who does he turn to through the ups and downs? Well, the guide...Obi-Wan, someone you can always count on to be a steady and faithful support. You never question his judgement, and you can always count on him to make the right decision even in difficult times. Then enters the Villan, Darth Vader, to wreak havoc throughout the galaxy! So to bring this home you as the business owner need to set yourself up as the guide in helping your client aka the hero to succeed in their struggles and ultimately overcoming their areas of pain.

Now, there's a three-step method to structuring this story that we pulled from the One Page Marketing Plan

Start out by saying (PROBLEM) "You know how people rarely review their insurance coverage when circumstances change? (SOLUTION) Well, what we do is help people have peace of mind by making sure their insurance coverage always matches their current circumstances. (TESTIMONIAL) In fact just last week a client of mine was robbed but he was able to recover the full cost of the items he'd lost because his insurance coverage was up to date.

That's what it would look like for an Insurance Agent, what would it look like for you?

Comment below with any questions you may have for us, and thanks for reading!

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