Car Dealerships have to market constantly. 

Video marketing that gets results is expensive and cuts into profits


Elder Ford of Romeo is adding more marketing power and barely moving the needle on their marketing budget. Watch how easily they got set up and rolling with MODI.

MODI brings dealerships the capability to drive more traffic with quick turn around, slick, and affordable video.

This typical old-style car commercial is impersonal with Elder Ford branding only at the beginning and ending of this generic pitch.

Personal and approachable, Elder Ford is building it's brand with real people telling stories that real people can relate to.

Check out their first autoMODI, filmed all on a phone!

How can you get the autoMODI marketing goodness? 

We’ve re-invented the way auto dealers sell with video in our

5-step process. 

1. We set you up with equipment and techniques your sales team can use today.  


2. You record a video with your smartphone and upload it to your MODI box


3. Our professional editing team adds intros, music, on-screen text and your call to action.


4. You receive your video with quick turn around, ready to post to your website and social pages or email to prospects.


5. Repeat this process for a constant stream to stay top of mind.



We offer a well-rounded approach to this unpaved road with hands-on training for the entire sales team, monthly visits capturing multiple videos and the expertise of editing to deliver an effective promo video intended to create multiple engagements and drive traffic to the dealership.


We are on a mission to drive more traffic to local Detroit dealerships. To continue the legacy that is a part of the soul of our industrial hometown. It's a part of who we are, The Motor City.

To do this we needed to reinvent the way dealerships reach their target market.

Mobile is the future of autoMOBILE sales. 



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